WARNING! Avoid These 5 Major Online Cricket ID Provider Scams.

While many people believe online cricket betting is a risky affair, there are hundreds of people making money out of cricket fantasy games at this very moment.

The truth is, you can only make long-term profits from games if you get cricket ID online from a reputable ID provider.

Genuine ID providers are interested in creating an accessible place where players can compete fairly  – the cash reaching out to them as soon as possible! But, there are also hundreds of fake scammers out there who try to profit off of the vulnerability of a nervous player as well as the shady anonymity of the internet.

How Do Cricket ID Providers Scam You?

The best online cricket ID provider platform will always show professionalism and systematic proceedings. Such genuine platforms do not try to lure people in with unrealistic demands and rushed procedures. Those who do end up in scams are  as follows:

1. Payment Processing Scams

These are perhaps the worst kind of cricket ID provider scams. You meet with an agent, and they fulfill all your expectations. You start playing, and everything is going great – they might even reward you a few times!

However, once you win big, they will instantly block you and take all your money. By this time, you have already invested so much that you might even lose a significant part of your life savings, if not all.

If it is a small amount, these agents keep dealing with it, knowing that individuals will give up after a while when they feel frustrated. Because most agents do not use their full name and cannot be traced, the money, once lost, does not get recovered. 

2. Fake Websites and Landing Pages

The fake websites look just like the actual website and include attractive banners and creative content. First, they will ask you to sign up and talk to their counterfeit agents. Most of them impersonate real agents.

Some of these might also provide you with demo or real cricket IDs that will look real but do not work. When you go to the payment page, all your money will be transferred to an unknown private account. 

The payment gateway might even capture your financial information and run the rest of your bank account dry. 

3. Promising Unrealistic Bonus

You will be surprised by how many people fall prey to these antics every year. 

In this simple but psychologically unnerving scam, agents promise unrealistic bonuses to players in order to get them to commit more and more money to the game. 

Needless to say, these bonuses never reach the player. Once again, this leads to the player committing money beyond their budget into the game, after which the agents disappear with their money.

4. Stealing Personal Data

Identity Theft and Phishing Scams are very prominent in the online gambling industry because many people prefer to play anonymously. 

Here, agents and scammers attempt to sabotage a phone and ask for ransom in return for giving you back your data. They might even start blackmailing you, and this kind of abuse goes on for months if not years.

Does it sound like a movie plot? It is 100% real and is known as ransomware. There are several viruses that cybercriminals create just for this purpose. In several cases, this ends with these criminals selling your identity to virtual members in the black market

5. Duplicate Cricket ID Sales

In reality, there are only about 4 to 5 cricket IDs in the market. However, many agents create duplicate IDs and easily show over 12 on their websites. They will even provide you with a demo cricket ID that is not real!

You might even win money under these agents, but your game is never recognized because you are not playing with the actual ID but rather the duplicate one.

Like what happened in The Mahadev Online Betting Scams, scammers generate fake usernames and passwords using which players place their bets on artificial platforms and become victims of fraud.

How To Select Authentic Cricket Betting Sites to Win Big?

Now, the fraud platforms and all their stories can make it very scary to participate in cricket betting games. These games, however, are very fulfilling, and there are indeed unique platforms that assist you in playing properly and responsibly.

  1. Play With Small Amounts: Don’t ever invest large amounts of money with a platform or an agent that you do not know well. Take your time and ask as many questions as possible to ensure that your agent is a trustworthy individual. Look up third-party reviews and talk to prior customers to get a better idea.
  1. Do Your Research: Find out their policies, business plan, and mission before you choose your ultimate cricket ID provider platform. Reputed companies will have quality content and transparent information listed on their websites that can be corroborated with others. Goodluckgamings, for example, is a trustable betting platform that mentions everything from bonuses to referrals and additional rewards and also maintains 24/7 instant customer support for their clients.
  1. Set Realistic Expectations: Don’t expect to double or triple your money in a single day. Unrealistic expectations make you desperate, and desperate individuals are top targets for scammers. Similarly, do not expect instant withdrawals but opt for those companies that take time (around 24 hours or more) but are systematic with their procedures and have satisfied customers instead.
  1. Report Suspicious Agents and Websites: Whenever you encounter a deceptive website or an untrustable agent, make this known in the community. Help begets help, and if you are an active individual in the world of online cricket batting, you will automatically keep yourself informed and stay away from suspicious platforms because others will come forward to aid you.

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Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that interested players should stick to known agents as much as possible and should only approach authentic online cricket satta ID providers. The flashy numbers should not influence players, quick withdrawal promises, and unbelievable bonuses. In the beginning, players should only invest small amounts of money until they know the agent very well and believe they can trust them. Also, places should avoid agents with no positive reviews online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why did my Cricket ID provider agent block me?

Ans: The payment processing scams occur when cricket ID providers let players invest money, but when they win big, these agents block them and take all their money. If this has happened to you, it is essential to contact the police or legal authorities as soon as possible.

Q2. What is the best way to protect my money while betting on online cricket ID platforms?

Ans: Prevention is always better than cure, and players should ensure that online cricket ID platforms are legitimate, agents are trustworthy, and websites are accurate. Do not click on any suspicious links, and do not share any OTP. Play using small amounts and approach agents people around you trust.

Q3. How do you know if an online cricket ID provider is legitimate?

Ans: Legitimate cricket ID providers do not sell duplicate IDs. They take standard time to process payments and only give small to moderate bonuses. These Cricket ID online providers are well-known in the industry and have many positive reviews.

Q4. Are online cricket ID betting sites legal in India?

Ans: T20 World Cup Cricket ID online and similar betting games are legal in India as they are termed under the ‘fantasy games’ industry, which is not banned like gambling is.

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